PlayersOnly is an ever-expanding sports eco-system of interconnected apps and services, built for the future of sports.



A social network that helps every athlete in the world reach greatness by providing a platform to connect effortlessly.


Tools to help the sports community maximize on the their content.


NFT platform that brings together athletes, teams, fans, brands and culture to create unique digital collections and experiences.

The intersection between physical and virtual space, lies opportunity.

We help today and tomorrow's athletes seize it.

Monetize on your brand like never before. Our platform levels the playing field for athletes and teams to monetize on their content, enabling to reach a global audience in a new way.
Become a PlayersOnly Ambassador and get featured on the network.

and invest
in athletes‚Äč

A sports social network where athletes and teams financially maximize on their content.
Follow and interact with teams and athletes on PlayersOnly app.

Engage your
fans with
PlayersOnly NFT


Post unreleased premium content to your PlayersOnly profile


Reward your fans with priority content and collectibles


Sell or auction digital assets to true fans in the form of tradable NFTs


Grow your fanbase and increase the value of your PlayersOnly NFTs

The more you
engage, the
more you earn

Engaging with your fans, athletes and teams entitles you to redeem #PO tokens as a reward

Our Partners

Our team

Tuan Ma


Tuan leads overall operation, business development, and implements on the vision of the business.

Lewis Dawson

Head of Partnerships

Lewis leads strategic partnerships, and has extensive experience in the sports marketing space since 2010.

Bernard Ma

Head of Development

Bernard is head of development. He is passionate about technology and the solutions it provides.

Oleg Gavrilin


Oleg is a software engineer. He is passionate about technology and the solutions it provides.

Our advisors

Patrick Bauer


Patrick has many years of international corporate finance and M&A experience in top tier M&A banks.

Laurens Ahlring

Laurens has extensive experience in asset management through his work at a multi-family office.

Mauris Diehl

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